Landscaping Architecture, gardens and façade of the State library of Victoria, with James HH Morgan and DJ Jnett, 2016


PROJECT: Landscaping Architecture, light-work installation, 2016

SITE: Gardens and façade of The Sate Library of Victoria, Melbourne

Victoria’s first public library, art gallery, museum 
Landscaping with architecture
A landscape referencing historic architecture on the grass area
Question ornamental projection, light veneers on architectural facades
To work against the form of the building
Deconstruct the shape of the building/institution
Direct the artwork onto the people and the gardens
Music and dance floor
People to become part of the concept, by dancing on it
Perspectives of the city in change
Architecture as an organic changing moving space 
Mobility, and the movement of people though the city
The value of historical buildings 
The public role of art

Research the State Library Image Collection 
Research changes to CBD buildings construction/demolition
Site documentation
Video edit
Video layering and mapping onto site and people

Light work installation
HD Digital video loop

8 X Barco projectors
Mapping software
Play back device