River Dreaming, 2009
2009: Outdoor single-channel video projection, Dreams, curated by Kym Ortenburg, Gertrude Projection Festival, (Melbourne) 

Perang Singkatan; Rpkad; Pnu; Dom, 2008
Touring series of single-channel video projections and with multiple monitor installations, with Danius Kesminas; 2011: Slave pianos, punkasila, pipeline to oblivion: 3 projects by Danius Kesminas and collaborators curated by Max Delany, Monash University Museum of Art, MUMA, (Melbourne); 2009: Punkasila - Punkasalsa, Tenth Biennale of Havana, (Cuba); 2009: Group Show, Darren Knight, Brunswick East, (Melbourne); PUNKASILA: The Havana Affair, One Galeri,Jakarta Barat, (Indonesia),
I Want You to Want Me, Marx & Zavattero, SF, (USA); 2008: Next, Chicago Art Fair, Darren Knight, (USA); DVD: DVF-I/A: Defenders of Video Front, Indonesia/Australia DVD compilation

The Black Chair, 2009 - 2008
2009: Series of short films with Warlayirti Culture Centre, Wirrimanu, Balgo, (Western Australia)

Tjinmilypa kalyu kaninytjarraku wilarninpa (when water flows inside the body), 2008
2008: Outdoor single-channel video projection, Wirrimanu, Balgo, (Western Australia)

Falls Bridge, 2008
2008: Interior single-channel video projection, Snapshot, Artspace, (Melbourne)

No More, 2007
2007: Interior single-channel video project with sound design by Ella Stehle, U-Turn, curated by Larissa Hjorth & Kate Shaw, Glendale College Gallery, (LA)

The suture, was the man who wasn’t there,and the conversation, with a blood simple,dead man, ona lost highway, 2003
2004: Two-channel interior video installation, 1+1+1, curated by Janet Burchill & Jennifer Mc Camley, Yuill/Crowley, Sydney; Studio Show, Gunnery Studio, ARTSPACE, (Sydney); 2003; Home Loan, curated by Larissa Hjorth & Kate Shaw, Caroline Springs, (Melbourne)

Cut, 2003
2003: Live feed video with photographic and light installation, Conical, (Melbourne)

Percept, 2003
2003: Interior video installation projection series with Martin Reid, Design EX, Convention & Exhibition Centre, (Melbourne)

2morrowscope, 2003
2003: Four-channel interior video installation with Martin Reid, Design EX, Convention & Exhibition Centre, (Melbourne)

Signal, 2002
2003: Single-channel video, Another Planet, curated by Keely Macarow, touring, Robert Beck Cinema, (New York); Conversations at the edge The Video Data Bank; The Gene Siskel Film Centre, (Chicago); 2003: I See, Presented by Emily Cormack & Amanda Morgan, Channel 31 Community Educational Television, (Melbourne);Public Hangings,Produced by Andrew Mackenzie, Channel 31 Community Educational Television; 2002: Conical, (Melbourne)

Falling Water, 2002
2002: Interior live feed video installation, Conical, (Melbourne)  

911-Mauerspechte-89, 2001
2003: Interior single-channel video, Process Colour, Conical, (Melbourne); 2001: Fall out, with Janet Burchill, curated by Mary Lou Pavlovic, Margaret Lawrence Gallery,VCA, (Melbourne); 2000: Pragmatics of Inscription: Wall Drawing, with Janet Burchill, curated by Bernhard Sachs, Linden Contemporary Arts Centre, (Melbourne)

Perspective Intersect, 2001
2001: Interior single-channel video installation with Gary Wheeler, Gamma Space, (Melbourne); Grad Show;Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VCA (Melbourne)

Designs For Video Interiors, 2001
2001: Interior single-channel video installation, VCA Gallery, (Melbourne)

Following the Blind Leading the Blind, 2000
2000: Interior two-channel video installation, VCA Gallery, (Melbourne)

After the 8 Second Delay Room, 2000
2000: Interior live feed video installation with single channel documentation, The Office of Utopic Procedures, Coordinated by Andrew Trevillian, West Space, Melbourne;

2001:VCA Gallery, (Melbourne)

Diffuse, 2001
2001: Interior single-channel video installation, Project Space, VCA, (Melbourne)

Sehen Sie, 2001
2001: Interior Single-channel video installation, One Night Stand, VCA Gallery, (Melbourne)                  

Video Canvas, 2000
2003: Single-channel video, I See, Presented by Emily Cormack, produced by Emily Cormack & Amanda Morgan, Channel 31 Community Educational Television; 2002: St Kilda Festival, Linden Contemporary Arts Centre, (Melbourne)

Placelike, 2001
2002: Single-channel video, Public Hangings, Produced by Andrew Mackenzie, Channel 31 Community Educational Television, (Melbourne)

Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten, (Good Times, Bad Times), 2000
2000: Interior Single-channel video projection, One Night in the Real World, with Emily Floyd and Mecca Medialight, Laundry, Oneeleven, Next Wave, (Melbourne)