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© Copyright 2017 Amanda Morgan. All Rights Reserved. 



Site determined light Installation
Live feed video, Film, Photography, Video, Drawing

Artworks determined and informed by the site
Research Projects, Public Commissions, Exhibitions, Competitions
Write my concepts, apply to eoi's, invited to make artworks, conceptual & creative control

Research temporal aspects of a physical place, Who, What, Where?
Digital photography, video, animation, drawing
Sampled from the site, colours, abstractions, narratives
Edited and combined digitally, painted/ drawn by hand

MY work Not reliant on a screen dispay device
work deliberately made under specific conditions
constraints dictated by a site
scale, architectural fabric
conditions, ambient lighting, length the work will be shown

The artworks interplay and dialogue with the installation site
unfinished until it is installed

Ephemeral only in material, playing duration
yet continues like an experience that is felt from visiting a play, or musical performance

Image: Documentation install Car park with Barco projector. Gheringhap Street Geelong.

Photography: James Morgan