Pani still projection. Photo James HH Morgan

Pani still projection. Photo James HH Morgan


Sensation + Immersion
Mesmerising affect of light with the space
Ways of using the medium of light to affect our perception of spaces and architecture

“Poets will help us to discover within ourselves such joy in looking that sometimes, in the presence of a perfectly familiar object, we experience an extension of our intimate space.”
Gaston Bachelard, the Poetics of Space (Boston; Beacon Press, 1964) p199

Looking towards ways of reaching a better understanding of our natural and urban surroundings
The feeling a space gives us

Light as a material to deconstruct architecture
The dematerialization of the object
Artists political statements about value and worth

Anthony McCall, Line Describing a Cone, 1973
Anthony McCall, Solid Light, 2016
Could be perceived as minimalist sculpture
Object both abstract and material

Light and Space movement from southern California in the 1960s and 1970s - developments NASA
Changed the way we see us, the planet, 
the bigger picture
The study of light in its purest form

'light as an architecture of perception' James Turrell, in James Turrell: A Retrospective / National Gallery of Australia, exhibition catalogue, 2014, p17 
Light as a space lived, like entering into a painting

How / why was light used in ancient architectural monuments?

The containment and observation of light -
Rome’s Pantheon the Pyramids of Egypt and Mexico