Perspective Intersect, Light work installation, with Garry Wheeler, Gamma Space, Melbourne, 2001


PROJECT: Perspective Intersect, Light work installation, 2001

What are the ways in which we are effected or changed by urban spaces?
How do we feel in the city as apposed to in the landscape?
How can light be used to deconstruct layers of architecture and reveal histories? 

SITE: Melbourne CBD

Perspectives of the city
Architecture as an organic changing moving space 
Mobility, and the movement of people though the city
The value of historical buildings 
Urban development, sustainability, gentrification 
A view through to the street outside 
A way of seeing light as a precipice, a frame, a window
Research changes to CBD buildings construction/demolition 

Site specific works and interventions, deconstructions
Gordon Matta-Clark, Conical Intersect, 1975 
Cut spiral holes into 17th c heritage buildings scheduled for demolition Cone shaped like a projection beam
A view to construction of the Centre Georges Pompidou

Site documentation in video
Video edit, layering
Ocular shape mask
Floor projection, black edging reveal the floor surface
Layered video footage in site

Light work installation
Digital video loop

Digital Projector and play back device