Transience, Architecturally mapped animation, Builders Arms Hotel, Fitzroy, The Gertrude Street Projection Festival, 2013


PROJECT: Transience, 2013

The Builders Arms Hotel Melbourne

Viewing the Now and the Then
What stories or narratives can occupy a building?
How can light works be used to suggest elements of time? 
Change and transience 
The Now and the Then
Transitions and superimpositions of the history of the site, onto the present day site

To make a work which looked closer at the changes that have occurred to Melbourne and the site

Researched the image collection of the archives of State Library of Victoria
- What people lived in the area during the first settlement, and how did they live?
- What is the heritage and iconography of the site?
- What is the function of this Victorian building?
- How has the demographic of the area changed?
- What nationalities have lived in the area?

Building colour good for legibility 
External site to project from 
Site documentation 
Site line readings, projected grid tests
Building line up tests
Architecturally mapped to facade 

Light work installation
Architecturally mapped animation
Digital video looped

1 Barco projector through window and play back